Religion – men’s creation?


"Scientists at the Institute of Historical Research have finally released their findings after five years of dedicated research". Result: All religions are man-made.

There are times in our lifes we may ask ourselves, if all the sententious words we have been taught by our family, teachers, and the many other sources of religious "wisdom" preachers that has got spread around our globe for hundreds or even thousands of centuries, are the "plain truth", as all major religions claim to possess. Indisputable.

About 4,000 years ago the ancestors of the Hebrews were wandering nomads. Biblical tradition says that Abraham, the founder of the line, came from Ur, but we cannot be sure that this was the Ur located in Mesopotamia. There are no records of these people except for the traditions laid down in the Bible many centuries later.

All major western religions, including Islam, justify their religious doctrine by this man and his life, Abraham (Hebrew:Avraham, Syriac: Oraham; Arabic: Ibrāhīm),

He is the key figure in the religious texts of Judaism, first patriarch of the Jews. Said to having lived around 2000 BCE. He is first mentioned in chapters 11:26-25:18 of the book of Genesis. His story is essentially the history of the establishment of the covenant between Abraham and God: God calls Abraham to leave his land, family and household in Mesopotamia in return for a new land, family and inheritance in Canaan, "the promised land".

Abraham and his story is the cornerstone for all later western religions, as an outgrowth of Abraham's life story.

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