Internet Marketing’s Sunset?

Too many unqualified damage Internet Marketers's image

Internet Marketing Sunset?

As a genuine marketing pro (working as marketing manager and marketing director for various medium and large companies during the past thirty years) I'm watching this amazing market for at least the last three years now.

Harvesting email addresses and phishing
Quite a bunch of persons, calling themselves Internet Marketers and successful IM professionals chipped in but their major concern shows up to be phishing email addresses by offering more or less worthless junk.

"The Gurus"
I've also noticed that a term has found its way into the IM scene, of which somebody from that squad must have detected that this old-fashioned word from the hippie era in the early sixties last century, seems to be still awe-inspiring to the crowds. It's the word "Guru". From that moment on, one could find this term in nearly every email offering products which promised an "easy earn money on internet" or free ebooks (see above "harvesting email addresses…") issued by somebody who was given this term "guru" in order to make him a top expert. At present this "new" buzzword silently faded away or must have worn out after a short period of revival, because too many black hats have poisoned the scene.

The money is in the list
We all know this statement. In the early days of internet marketing indeed it had some really high value. But I dare to say that it's not of this value any more. People have learned during the past. Too many people who believed that making money on internet is as easy as it was proclaimed by black hat internet marketers or who got ripped off by scams, or who received emails sent to their email addresses, without an authorisation. Primarily all these "specialists" are just focused on email sign-up's for more or less ineffective "fast list-builder", "massive traffic generator" or "explosive rank accelerator" programs they're offering. Many of us still receive these kind of emails where those themes are used to convince the clueless mass of people who's desperately trying to find a source of income in this sucked and precarious today's world.

Illusion and reality
I found out that most of these pseudo internet marketers neither have the capabilities nor the qualification to assist or to really help people who are searching for a new life basis. Most of these IM-specialists are linked in joint ventures among themselves. They offer "inner circle" JV products from "a good friend", they offer programs, revealing reports or money-making strategies from someone else suggesting that you will be "blown away" when reading or using it and, what really should give food for thought – they send emails with offers from other parties with a reference at the end of their emails which sounds like this: "the sender of this email has an affiliate relationship and/or another material connection to the providers of goods and services mentioned in this message and if you buy products through these links then I get paid a commission".
This advice really should wake up the hopeful ones who believe that they'll get directed to a better life and income. In fact, all these methods do raise a simple question and this question is answered by itself: If these "internet marketing specialists" are as successful as they claim to be, why do they need to market products from others for a commission?

The thaw
Surprisingly or not, most of those being groomed as "the crème de la crème" in internet marketing scene, heavily shed feathers during the past months. Their list building programs went down just as rapidly as their affiliate, traffic increasing or money-making programs because most of them are 404. The email list addressees lost interest in those offers and – far worse – the offers go right to trash mail. Many of the internet marketers now tout new products which for the most part in fact are the old ones but with a new name and a new shape. Just have a look at those traffic creating programs and count their still existing advertisers. You'll find out that they are not that much anymore. Many backtracked.

Turnaround or new strategy?
A few internet marketers already noticed the internet marketing die-off. Some of them found the culprits and blame their "greedy colleagues" for it. Now one could say yes, well done, they are right. But who knows what's really going on in their brains? Do they really want to change the situation for the better or is it just another strategy, selling old stuff in new packing? Time will tell.

"The three monkeys"
However, if you're not like the wise three monkeys, you most probably already have noticed the slowdown and are not happy with it. Those who're really handling job and purposes seriously, know what is meant. There's no more time to waste. The serious and real internet marketers will have to do a great job to clean up the market by unmasking all the scammers and wannabes and to obtain a decisive turnaround, after all. But it doesn't have to happen someday in future times. It has to get addressed now. For the current IM situation will end up in disaster. Rather sooner than later.

The more serious internet marketers will follow this attempt and the more will join a new internet marketing renewal community, the more the badly needed revitalisation of internet marketing can get renowned and successful as it has been in its early days.

Lou Hartcourt, feb. 2011


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I met them all - the good, the bad and the ugly. As a multi awarded marketing and management strategy consultant I worked for small, medium and global players, s.a. Apple, Ericsson. Siemens, Sun Micro Systems. Also Startup awarded, I guide startups to establish their move into commercial world and to get on track. Many awards from companies, government institutions and trusted world’s leading businesses advisors underline my profile and performance during the past more than 25 years. My principle: "panta rhei" (everything flows) - “there’s always a chance - catch it and change”

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4 Responses to Internet Marketing’s Sunset?

  1. At least some bloggers can write. Thank you for this blog…

    • Embolder says:

      Thank you for your comment.. I actually realise a steadily growing cloud of wannabees using internet marketing; individuals who never attained any marketing education, neither a degree or even any knowledge. They only use the label “internet marketing” to rip off people and to convince them with empty promises to lay down their last pennies, in desperate hope that this money will finally change their situation to the better.

  2. Adira says:

    that’s awesome, thanks for sharing.

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