How To Make Your Goals Become Reality

Most people fail to achieve their goals and keep motivated due to a lack of stamina. Goals can boost performance but there is also a mental strenght that must be set free, s.a. to decide “how” you are going to accomplish your goals. Ask yourself: “How am I going to do it? What are the basic conditions that will help to achieve my goals? What strategies can I adopt that will help me to finish my goals successfully?”

This excellent video by John Assaraf from San Diego will help to achieve ANY Goal in Your Life:


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Hello, welcome to my site. As a multi awarded marketering and management consultant I worked for small and medium companies and global players, s.a. Apple, Ericsson. Siemens, or Sun Micro Systems. I now help “newbies” i.e. startuppers to establish their first move into the commercial world and to get on track. Many awards from companies, government institutions and trusted advisors to the world’s leading businesses underline my profile and performance during the past more than 25 years. My principle: "panta rhei" (everything flows) - “there’s always a chance, go catch it and change”

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